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Cried famous fog inseminator and stayed alive

When I was at 6-7grade, I was amused reading the novels for Ostap Bender. First of all, I was amused because I didn’t know that it is possible two writers, Iljf and Petrov to write one novel. Later I realized how deep they were in their messages. It was funny for me, when I read. I couldn’t believe that there’s so much naivety and irrationality in one human being. In those who consumed the Ostap Bender’s fogs. I couldn’t believe that people leave irrationality under the incubus of qualm reality. They accept as true every nice word that separates them from reality. It is similar with the drug addicts. They’re aware of the fact that drug doesn’t change the reality, but they still want to take it, because the drug detach them from reality and they live in some kind of virtual world. When they are not under the drug influence they realize the cruelty of the world that requests responsibility from everyone. That’s why they’re so persistent in taking drug. Besides the danger to loose their life. It’s similar with Macedonian people. They’re taking drug in a form of fog persistently. For 14 years fog inseminators have been playing with them, in the same way as drug dealers are playing with the drug addicts. They’re absorbing the dope with hope for better future. There it is, Macedonian people are persistently trying to feel as human beings. Hungry hen is dreaming about millet, people say.

Latter, as I was becoming aware of the reality, more and more I was realizing that selling fogs and nice dreams is a merchandise that can pass by the man. On a very simple principle. How much economically worse it is, fogs can be sold better. Even in the story for the Turkish and Macedonian man about the use of gun-kubura, the folk wise man said that Macedonian people’s tolerance threshold is very low. That means we’re comfortable with the fogs. European Union, Euro-atlantic structures, than visa-free regime, first Macedonia in Europe, than Europe in Macedonia, than Europe needs Macedonia (I heard from reliable sources that Europe is in front of its destruction as a result of Macedonia’s dilemma whether to become European Union’s member).From one fog to another. How much harder it is for us, that much better we accept the virtual reality. With a lot of problems around us, we are less capable of rationality and objectivity.

At the same beginning of SDSM ruling, right after Macedonia’s independence proclamation, there were a lot of examples when the fog has been sold to us, as would Itar Pejo say ‘for wool’. If you remember, in that story, people from Mariovo have killed each other for wool. We’re not far either from that situation.

At the very beginning of ‘woolen times’, as the famous dissident-poet Gojko Gjoko would say, there were different opinions about the “wool’s” quality. It was not always bought as golden fleece. Good opposition existed, that didn’t allow the SDSM people to go mad. It’s not that they didn’t go mad from time to time. They did, but temperately. Characters as Ostap Bender were appearing from time to time. But, they were driving out relatively fast. That was till the very important elections in in 2002 when the people “took the destiny into their own hands.”

When the people, not much after “taking the destiny into their own hands” realized that they’d done a great mistake as never before in their history, complex of guilt appeared in the collective soul. Without will to admit their anger for naivety and blindness, they started to accept the lies of Ostap Bender’s heirs. And wool has seemed to Itar Pejo a nice resting fleece. People believed in every fog more and more…Until the referendum.

Right after the referendum they realized that with drug you can not become healthy person or sportsman. They realized that they’d caught themselves at wheel circle rolled by Ostap Bender and company all these 14 years. That’s why it is difficult for them to get out of that wheel circle and to command the playing music.

Let’s see the last Ostap Bender’s performances.

“Problems need to be solved and not postponed.” Cried the man who built his 14-years career on postponing or increasing the problems.

Behind this sentence, said as light-motive for Kostov’s resignation, all misery of Macedonian reality is hidden. The sentence is extraordinary chosen, constructed by the people who are good professionals in their job for manipulation with masses. At first sight, that sentence has responsibility and statesman’s elements. There’s no man in this state who wouldn’t like solving of the problems to start. And that sounds really nice. And that’s why it is an act of fog inseminators who are drugging the people from time to time. When this is spoken by the man with solved problems portfolio, it gets on its weight and responsibility. But this sentence to be spoken by the man who ran away six months ago from problems resolving to leave them to Kostov, is a total nonsense. If I had died yesterday, I wouldn’t have known that problems in Macedonia need to be solved, one wise man said. Very extraordinary example for the top hypocrisies and onania against his own people. With saying that, besides divert of their own quilt to someone else, in style “hold the thief,” he underestimated the consciousness and intelligence of the people that are living here. He made us weak-minded. As if he fell from Mars yesterday, and we are those who have been making problems for 14 years.

Who started the inter-ethnic division with killings in Gostivar, because of demonstrations for the University and the flags’ use? Who considered Macedonian intellectuals as betrayers when they were asking for dialog resolving of the inter-ethnic problems? Who, for 14 years, although with highest concentration of authority, has been turning a decent state into horrible place for living? Who introduced the criminal privatization? Who introduced corruption as a valuable model of success? Who introduced smuggling as a model of living? And so on, and so on, an endless line of problems which brought this country on the edge of destruction, and were introduced in our reality by the same man that is requiring resolving of the problems. And a lot of other problems beside those named above.

Is that a resolving of the problems?

With this sentence also, few things about the character and act of the fog inseminators were confirmed. Ostap Bender has been doing that modestly and with different motives. What are the motives of these modern Ostap Bender-people? I claimed long time ago and I’ve been writing about that, and I shall say again what their motive is: Macedonia to not exist as a state.

There’s no end of perversions against people and their intellectual capacity. Here’s another perversion by the person responsible for the current situation: I quote:

“Prime Minister’s function has to be conducted with full capacity and all the mechanisms which are result of the Constitution and Laws. Threads should be held tight in hands, because if they’re let out even for a short time, turning things back under control can be very difficult.”

Don’t I respect the Constitution? Is there a smuggling, corruption, nepotism and organized crime in my own house, where I’m the host? Where is the man who’s been saying this for 14 years? Did I speak for the octopod? Did I point out the Holly SDSM as a cancer tissue carrier in Macedonian state? With a disruption of 2 years, that person was always at the top of the government in this country. Pay attention to the top perversion in this. I quote:

“Threads should be held tight in hands, because if they’re let out even for a short time, turning things back under control can be very difficult.”

The man who has been saying this for 14 years holds the threads in his hands very tight, he let them out for a moment, and relatively easy turned them back under control. With other words he’s been continuously ruling this state. Characteristics of that ruling is destroying the institutions for politicians’ power control and also unseen destroying of the economic base of the state. And who’s the one that is postponing the problems? Mitre from Veprcani, people from Prilep would say.

Has the time come, when Macedonian people will be set free from the drug that fog inseminators are selling to them ? Will anyone finally realize that the thief is the one who is persistently saying “hold the thief?”

In some next edition for other perversions regarding Kostov’s resignation and his political mentor’s interview.

Published in FOKUS-Macedonia, November 2004


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